VECTORVAC HVT-IBDV® is a frozen recombinant live vaccine that helps in the prevention of Marek’s disease (MD) and Infectious Bursa disease (IBD, Gumboro disease), made in cell cultures.


VECTORVAC HVT-IBDV® contains a combination of vectorized turkey Herpesvirus (serotype 3: HVT), which expresses the VP2 protein of Bursa Infectious Disease Virus (IBDV). This vaccine is presented in a frozen form associated with cells. Each dose contains HVT vectorized with IBD virus VP2 gene: 105.0 UFP / ml.
*UFP: Plate forming units


VECTORVAC HVT-IBDV® is indicated for the vaccination of healthy poultry from meat, posture and breeding chickens, as an aid in the prevention of Marek’s disease (MD) and Bursa Infectious disease (IBD, Gumboro disease). Before being administered, the vaccine vial should be quickly removed from the liquid nitrogen tank and thawed by gentle shaking in warm water between 26ºC and 29ºC for 1 minute, until the vial with the contents completely thawed is observed. Defrost one ampoule at a time. Once the vial is open, slowly extract its contents in a sterile 10 ml syringe and combine with 400 ml of diluent for subcutaneous administration or 2 ampoules for 800 ml of diluent. Maximum dilution time of the content is 30 seconds. Do not over-dose or over-dilute the vaccine. Use the vaccine immediately, within a period not exceeding 45 minutes. Homogenize the vaccine every 10 minutes with gentle movements so that the suspension of the vaccine is mixed during the vaccination session and ensure that the correct vaccine titre is administered.


VECTORVAC HVT-IBDV® is recommended for use in healthy day-old chicks with an injection of 0.2 ml per bird subcutaneously (in the middle third of the dorsal neck region).


Do not vaccinate within 21 days prior to sacrifice.


Store the frozen vaccine in liquid nitrogen (-196°C). Inhalation of liquid nitrogen is dangerous. Store the diluent at room temperature. Protect from sunlight.


Transport the vaccine in liquid nitrogen (-196°C). Discard any blister that has accidentally thawed. Do not refreeze the vaccine. Do not store or reuse leftover diluted vaccine. Keep out of the reach of children. Consult the veterinarian before use.


2 ml glass ampoule containing 2000 doses, with diluent.