Morales-Ruiz S.1 , Bendezú J.1 , Tataje-Lavanda L.1, Fernández-Díaz M.1.
1FARVET, Laboratorios de Investigación y Desarrollo, Ica, Perú.


The presence of Avian infectious laryngotracheitis virus has been widely reported in South-American countries; however, only one full genomic sequence (VFAR-043 strain) has been recently published from an outbreak in Peru. The aim of this study was to determine the genetic relationship of the Peruvian strain with other strains    from different geographic regions. The phylogenetic analyses revealed a close relationship between VFAR-043 and two United States origin strains (1874C5 and J2) using only the whole genome, Unique Long (UL) and Unique Short (US) genomic regions. Moreover, the phylogenetic tree analysis using gene sequences of the US5 and ICP4 coding regions from South-American isolates showed that VFAR-043 has neither a close relationship with Argentinian (US5) nor Brazilian (ICP4) reported sequences. However, a close relationship was observed between VFAR-043 and another Peruvian isolate (USP-81) when the ICP4 gene sequence was analyzed. All these results suggest that VFAR-043 together with 1874C5 and J2 are closely related. These findings contribute to the understanding of the epidemiology of ILTV in South America.

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