FARVET completed successfully their training in Bioreactors in Pall Solohill (USA)
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The Peruvian biopharmaceutical company FARVET, was present at the facilities of the Biotechnological corporation Pall Solohill (Michigan, USA), from 05 to 08 August, where they conducted a training in Bioreactors with microcarriers culture system, widely used by biopharmaceutical industries in the production of vaccines for human and animal species. 


This course was attended by the investigation team: Manolo Fernández Sánchez - Production Manager, José Torriani Medrano, Katherinne Pauyac and Aling Figueroa - Laboratory team of Cell Culture & Virology and  Production team of biological recombinant vaccines. The course was conducted by experienced professionals, who gave guidelines and b Biotechnology Information in the process of massive cell production and management in bioreactors. After the course, the company gave a great dinner at the restaurant facilities GANDY DANCER, where they shared pleasant moments. 

Agosto 25/2014
Fuente: FARVET S.A.C.

FARVET completed successfully their training in Bioreactors in Pall Solohill (USA)

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FARVET will perform production training with bioreactors in Pall Solohill (USA)

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An evaluation of serotyping of Avibacterium paragallinarum by use of a multiplex polymerase chain reaction

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FARVET participated in EXPOCIT 2013 in Lima - Peru

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FARVET starts the commercialization of the recombinant vaccine FARMUNE HVT-IBDV-LT in Colombia

FARVET announces the signing of an important commercial agreement with the Colombian VECOL laboratory

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FARVET ranks first in the VII AMEVEA International Seminar - Peru 2013

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FARVET: golden sponsor of the VII AMEVEA International Seminar 2013

FARVET publishes the complete genome sequencing of Avibacterium paragallinarum (AP) - Coriza

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FARVET's participation in the International Congress INMUNOPERU 2012

International Giant VIVALIS announced the signing of a commercial agreement with FARVET in Peru.

VIVALIS announces a new EB66®CELL LINE commercial license agreement with FARVET

FARVET's executives visited important Bolivian poultry producers.

Dr. Manolo Fernández , recognized by the university San Luis Gonzaga in Ica.

FARVET apuntando a convertirse en el laboratorio de tecnología molecular más importante de la avicultura latinoamericana

FARVET S.A.C. inaugura primer laboratorio de Biotecnología Molecular y Genómica del Perú

Dr. Manolo Fernández realiza Conferencia de Laringotraqueitis Infecciosa Aviar

Farvet S.A.C. organizó exitosa conferencia: Entendiendo el Sistema Inmunológico Aviar





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